Cancer Symptoms? These 3 Pressure Points Can Help!

When it comes to dealing with cancer, there are some symptoms you don’t want to deal with.

You are already going through enough treatment wise.

Those with cancer, can use these pressure points

4 Conditions You May Not Realize Physical Therapists Treat

There are many individuals that have seen a physical therapist (PT) for common reasons such as low back pain or knee pain. There are many different conditions, however, that PTs may

Why Muscle Pain is Important?

Types of Muscle Pain

We frequently have clients come in for a muscle massage as a solution for muscle pain, rather than the mare enjoyment of a massage. At the risk of

What exactly are muscle knots?

Tina, Muscle Therapy and Acupunture

Clients often come to me with a “knot” in their back or their necks. And occasionally,